Terms and Conditions

Any request for a return must be made by email, telephone within fourteen (14) days of delivery of any Product.  You must have received confirmation by us within 7 days that a return is acceptable. We will accept Product returns and provide you with (at our discretion) a replacement for the Product (subject to availability) an store credit, refund or repair where:

  1. The Product delivered is faulty or is not of merchantable quality, or
  2. The Product delivered is not fit for its intended purpose, or
  3. The Product delivered does not match the description on the Site.
  4.  If the Product delivered is faulty, not of merchantable quality, not fit for its intended purpose, or covered under a warranty from the manufacturer


To request a return please provide us with:

  1. Your name and contact details;
  2. The invoice number and order date;
  3. The details of the problem or the reason for your request to the return the Product;
  4. If the item has been damaged in transit please supply photographs of Product.


We will evaluate your return request on receipt of the Product and notify you of the action taken. This includes non-acceptance, request for further information, refund and or exchange of the Product.

Cost of returns is to be paid by the Customer for any Product that is not found to be faulty.

All return requests should be sent to hello@gonrl.com.au